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All of our data is provided in realtime to ensure the highest level of realism & simulation.


We push the boundaries by applying real-world airline operational specifications to your flight simulation experience


We don't get too comfortable, Aria's iCrew is leading the way by constantly evolving and providing our pilot base the very best in virtual airline simulation features.

iCrew v4.0

So this iCrew, what is it?
iCrew v4.0 is the worlds most advanced pilot crew center and the leader in virtual airline technology. Built with over 95 plugins and 1000+ components, hundreds of hours were spent fine tuning and handcrafting the framework. Aria Airways is proud to offer its community with these amazing features.

We are dedicated to providing our core group amazing features, here are a few :

Phone App
Phone App


Aria Airways has a diverse fleet that has been carefully selected to keep its pilots engaged for the long-haul (no pun intended!). From turboprops to jumbojets, Aria Airways pilots can climb the ranks, learn new platforms, and have fun along the way.

PIREP Tracking

X-Plane, Prepar3D, FSX - We are cross platform compatible! Thanks to SmartCARS by TFDi Design who made this possible. You can live track your flights directly from iCrew.

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Our Operations Summary

We have a total of 479 PIREP(s) filed since our start. Out of which, we have an acceptance rate of 99.37369519833% (476 PIREPs were accepted)

In this process of operating those 476 flights, we have served 14046 passengers, buring almost 26138766 Gallons of JETA1,
covering over 969110NM across the United States of America.

No Departures

Upcoming Departures

There are no upcoming departures at the moment.

Latest PIREPs

Flight # Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration Pilot Landing Rate Status
OMDB LSZH A321 (HB-TTO) 07.21 ARA 5 -251 ft/min Accepted
LSZH OMDB A321 (HB-TTO) 5.8 ARA 5 Not Recorded Accepted
OMDB LSZH A321 (HB-TTO) 6.5 ARA 5 Not Recorded Accepted
OMDB LSZH A321 (HB-TTO) 06.30 ARA 5 -768 ft/min Rejected
LSZH OMDB A321 (HB-TTO) 05.43 ARA 5 -133 ft/min Accepted
NZAA YPPH B777 (ZK-NUU) 06.53 ARA 38 -324 ft/min Accepted
KORD LSZH A330 (HB-ATT) 07.57 ARA 5 -165 ft/min Accepted
KLAX NZAA B747-8 (ZK-NAD) 12.17 ARA 5 -140 ft/min Accepted
PHNL NZAA B777 (ZK-NSS) 08.24 ARA 38 -138 ft/min Accepted
PHNL NZAA B777 (ZK-NSS) 08.07 ARA 5 -345 ft/min Accepted
LSZH GCTS B739 (HB-BSN) 03.39 ARA 5 -134 ft/min Accepted
NZAA PHNL B777 (ZK-NSS) 07.55 ARA 38 -296 ft/min Accepted
KBOS LSZH B777-300 (HB-BTS) 06.20 ARA 5 -186 ft/min Accepted
LSZH KBOS B777-300 (HB-BTS) 07.55 ARA 5 -115 ft/min Accepted
LGKR LEMD Fleet details not available 2.156 ARA 75 Not Recorded Accepted
LGKR LEMD Fleet details not available 2.156 ARA 75 Not Recorded Accepted
LSZH LEMD B738 (ZK-OAB) 01.47 ARA 5 -174 ft/min Accepted
LFPG LSZH B738 (HB-ARA) 00.46 ARA 5 -70 ft/min Accepted
LSZH LFPG B738 (HB-ARA) 00.59 ARA 5 -77 ft/min Accepted
LSZH LIEO B739 (HB-ARD) 01.01 ARA 5 -120 ft/min Accepted
YBCG NZAA B787-9 (ZK-NAF) 02.23 ARA 38 -78 ft/min Accepted
AYPY YBCG Fleet details not available 2.36 ARA 38 Not Recorded Accepted
NZAA AYPY B747-8 (ZK-NAB) 05.13 ARA 38 -332 ft/min Accepted
KLAS NZAA B787-9 (ZK-NAH) 13.00 ARA 38 -111 ft/min Accepted
NZAA KLAS B787-9 (ZK-NAH) 11.47 ARA 38 -168 ft/min Accepted
NZWN NZAA B737 (ZK-NDD) 00.42 ARA 38 -56 ft/min Accepted
LSZH LGKR B739 (HB-BSJ) 01.46 ARA 75 -215 ft/min Accepted
NZQN NZWN ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 01.14 ARA 38 -175 ft/min Accepted
YMHB NZQN ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 02.47 ARA 38 -42 ft/min Accepted
KBOS LSZH B777-300 (HB-BTS) 05.15 ARA 5 -177 ft/min Accepted
YPAD YMHB ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 02.03 ARA 38 -198 ft/min Accepted
YBBN YSSY ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 01.30 ARA 38 -146 ft/min Accepted
YBAS YBBN ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 03.05 ARA 38 -91 ft/min Accepted
YPPH YBAS ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 03.12 ARA 38 -86 ft/min Accepted
YBRM YPPH ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 03.15 ARA 38 -66 ft/min Accepted
YBCS YBRM ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 04.34 ARA 38 -187 ft/min Accepted
AYPY YBCS ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 01.37 ARA 38 -201 ft/min Accepted
LGKR LSZH B739 (HB-BSJ) 01.55 ARA 75 -207 ft/min Accepted
WADD AYPY ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 06.18 ARA 38 -113 ft/min Accepted
WSSS WADD ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 03.20 ARA 38 -83 ft/min Accepted
RCTP WSSS ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 06.29 ARA 38 -98 ft/min Accepted
LSZH LGKR B739 (HB-BSJ) 01.41 ARA 75 -544 ft/min Accepted
RJAA RCTP ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 04.19 ARA 38 -56 ft/min Accepted
LIEO LSZH B739 (HB-ARD) 01.11 ARA 75 -38 ft/min Accepted
NZAA RJAA B747-8 (ZK-NAC) 10.43 ARA 38 -300 ft/min Accepted
RJAA NZAA B747-8 (ZK-NAC) 09.49 ARA 38 -175 ft/min Accepted
ZBAA RJAA ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 04.15 ARA 38 -71 ft/min Accepted
ZSPD ZBAA ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 02.35 ARA 38 -35 ft/min Accepted
VHHH ZSPD ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 02.43 ARA 38 -131 ft/min Accepted
VQPR VHHH ATR 42-500 (ZK-ATR) 06.28 ARA 38 -60 ft/min Accepted

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